Friday, March 9, 2012

Meet The Good Dr.

I love hooking you up with the best our city has to offer
in fitness, weight loss (free workouts, meal plans, body fat testing etc)
and SO much more….

So, I’ll keep this short because you’ll want to jump on this awesome freebie

We all know that being fit, healthy and active makes feel your best,
look your best, and perform your best (no matter what you’re doing).

I mean, your body was meant to move, right? You feel best when you get out
challenge yourself and move, run, jump, dance, lift, swim, cycle, stretch etc.

But, sometimes there’s a little downside to all of that movement: Injury.

I’m not necessarily talking about the full on, “I seriously hurt myself and can’t move or workout”
type of injury….I mean the little nagging aches and pains that we ALL have from working out, running,
cycling, doing boot camp, hitting the gym, doing Yoga etc.

Those nagging shin splints, tight muscles and joints, sore ankles, knees, hips, lower back
and shoulders.

Maybe you don’t feel it all the time, or maybe you’ve fallen into a 2 to 4 Tylenol/Advil per day
habit to cover up those aches and pains...but they’re still there….and what’s worse:
They are keeping you from taking your fitness and fat loss to the next level…

And what’s even worse than that:

Those nagging aches and pains are a SERIOUS INJURY waiting to happen
But only if you keep going without getting them fixed.

We all think that pain and injury are just a part of “working out” and “getting older”.

Not true.

Your body is an AMAZING machine.
But just like the high end exotic luxury/sports car that you were built to be, you have to take care of yourself with regular maintenance.

I do.

Here’s why…

I’ve had 2 shoulder reconstructions, two knee repair surgeries, 4 broken bones and 2 other surgeries
to repair some youthful silliness on a dirt bike...and for at least the past 5 years I’ve coached  2 to 4 boot camps per day and worked out 4 to 7 times per week. That’s A LOT of moving on what should be a pretty jacked up painful body…

But truth is, I feel awesome.

And if you’re reading this, you can too.

Here's my secret:
Meet Dr. Dave Cohodes.

Don’t let his good looks fool ya ;o)

He’s awesome at what he does.

Dave started out as my chiropractor to fix all of my crazy aches and pains and wound up as my friend.

Check this out:
  • Dr. Dave is a qualified, super knowledgeable professional.
  • He takes a “simple is better” hands on approach to rehab and injury PREVENTION (if you wind up in the hospital or Medical office…then you’re too late)
  • Is well known within the Austin fitness community as the “go to guy” for therapy, rehab and prevention.
  • He's all about fast results. His goal for you is to NOT have to see you....and thats pretty cool.
  • Most importantly, he’s passionate about people, and about what he can do to help YOU move better and feel better.
So, here’s your hook up!

Dave is a SUPER busy guy, so don’t ask how he let me talk him into this…

I got him to agree to answer YOUR question(s) about any of your nagging aches/pains...
Yes for free :o)
All you have to do is call/text or email him and he’ll help you out.

You’ll probably be surprised to find out that most of what is bothering you can be fixed with a few simple suggestions through a phone call or email conversation with Dr. D.

But you’ll never know if ya don’t reach out…!

Again, Dr. Dave is a super busy guy, so he wont let me keep this offer open forever, but if you reach to him within the next 10 days, he’s more than happy to help get you fixed with free advice.

Just shoot him a text, email or phone call and let him know whats bothering you and why.

You’ll feel better, perform better, and have better workouts which means that you’ll get better results
at everything you do (a.k.a. fat loss!) :o)

If you're reading this and have any nagging aches and pains, then jump on this one quickly, you'll be happier and feel better because of it!

Here’s how to contact Dr. Dave:
Phone (call or text): 512-650-6931

Live Easy,


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