Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meet Joe Cooper (this choked me up)

If you've spent more than 5 minutes with me you
know that I like to have fun, laugh and joke -  A LOT.

But, just the other day I got an (incredible) email that stopped me in my tracks,
brought me back to serious and put a little lump in my throat…

Meet Joe Cooper.

Joe started boot camp back in May of this year. And over the past 6 months he's
gone through a pretty amazing transformation, mentally, emotionally and physically.

In fact where Joe was might be a lot like where you are right now.

Maybe you aren't taking care of yourself the way you know you should.
Maybe you're taking medication that you'd like to stop taking.
Maybe you don’t like how you look.
Maybe you just aren't happy.

Joe gave me permission to share his story. I think you'll find it as inspiring as I did:

Hi Tim,

Courtney, my wife, keeps telling me to send you my story so here goes:

"You have changed my life".  I don't know what those words mean to you but to me...they are profound.  (It's what I wrote on coach Ty's birthday card yesterday.)

One year ago, I weighed 203 lbs.

I was fat.

I also had recently been diagnosed with depression.  Taking care of myself had become something I didn't even think about.  I ate too much (and ate terrible things)...I drank WAY too much...I didn't exercise.  The scariest part of it snuck up on me.  At first I was in denial about how I looked and how I felt.  I made excuses.  I lied to people and told them I felt fine when I didn't.  I lied to myself...telling myself it wasn't that bad...

It was.  In the attached picture you don't have to look very hard to tell just how bad it was.  I look at this picture today and am amazed I didn't see it.  Amazed I didn't see what I had done to myself.  My lifestyle, my depression, my lack of caring was leading down the wrong path.

I started on medication but I knew it wouldn't be enough.  It helped a little...but, only to a point.  My wife and I moved to Austin.  We always felt a connection to this city and I felt it may help me heal.  It a point.  But EVERYTHING changed this May when we ran across Synergy Fitness Boot Camp.

Today I look at myself and see these pictures and one year seems so long ago.  It seems so long because I know I'm never going back there.  Living how I did then IS long is forever ago...because it is forever gone.  Synergy Fitness has changed my life...(coach) Ty Reagan has changed my life!  I often sit and think, "Do they realize it?"

A wise friend once told me:

Never give up...because you never know how your life will affect someone else's!

Here's how you and Ty have affected mine:
  • Gone from 203 lbs to 164lbs - 39 lbs lost
  • Gone from 20% body fat to 9.9% body fat
  • Gone from an 8:00 mile time to 5:38 mile time
  • Gone from a 36 inch waist to a 31 inch waist
  • Most importantly - gone from not caring about looking forward to every day.
Today I only look forward.  I don't see any reason not to when every day brings another exciting milestone of better mental and physical health.  I challenge myself regularly to do things I've never do things I don't think I can do.  I eat well.  And you KNOW I exercise!

I will NOT give up.  This is my life.  I am here to live it!  I am here to affect others'!

Thank you so much for all you've done for me!  -Joe Cooper

That’s amazing and (literally) Life Changing stuff.

I'm humbled that over the past two years Synergy Fitness has had the opportunity
to affect thousands of lives like Joe on a daily basis.

Give yourself 6 months like Joe did, and YOU WILL BE NEXT.

See ya soon,

-Tim and Synergy Fitness Boot Camp Coaches


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P.S. In 30 days from now you will a little heavier, a little more out of shape, and a little unhappier...OR you can be 2 to 4 dress sizes smaller, up to 10 pounds lighter and feel awesome about yourself. Do the right thing for you.

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